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Govlog Quality Strategy

Our Strategy can be understood by the slogan "THIS HOUSE HOLDS QUALITY"
Herewith we want to express that we will not passively undergo the fast changes around us, but that we will play ourselves an active role in these changes.
The changes are noticed in all segments of the present business:

  • Customers are more demanding, etc.
  • Competitors and larger groups are more decisive

To reach this strategy, our quality house is supported by three pillars: Government Moving (DOD), Government One Time Only Opportunities (OTO) and Government Logistics (DOS).

  • DOD

    The first pillar, DOD, reflects to our main traditional military moving business. Volume and regularity is gained through our moving and logistics contracts. These services operate in a segment of known volumes and the main objective is to be cost effective and maximize profits.

  • OTO

    The second pillar, OTO, reflects to orders not covered by normal opportunities. The main objective of this pillar is fast reaction and good pricing.

  • DOS

    The third pillar, DOS, concentrates on government logistics services such as transportation, warehousing and distribution of embassies, consulates and other governmental entities.

A house without a good foundation collapses after some time. The foundation of our house are our ex-Gosselin Group employees and their required competences and values to make this strategy a success. The ideal employee is therefore a customer oriented, innovative, flexible team player, who always keeps his promises and has an open mind for changes.

Stephan Geurts Jr Tim Noppen