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The Govlog Ethics Charter

  1. The goals of the GovLog Code of Ethics and Business Conduct are:
    • To ensure compliance of our business practices with applicable domestic, European and United States laws and regulations;
    • To maintain ethical standards and integrity and respect for employees, customers, suppliers and authorities;
    • To demonstrate our integrity, ethics, professionalism and responsibility, and our mission of quality and timely service, in all of our business activities with all of our customers, particularly our business activities with governments and international organizations;
    • To establish a corporate-wide system to timely educate and update employees about lawful and ethical business practices;
    • To reinforce a corporate and individual commitment to provide high quality and timely moving and storage services;
  2. We must strive to ensure that we, all of us, fully understand our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Everyone must be committed to these goals. Only in this way will it continue to be clear to our business partners and customers that quality service is our top priority.
  3. The GovLog management and employees will conduct themselves in an ethical way and in accordance with our core values. Ethics will lead the way where there are no laws, or where the laws are unclear. Ethics is a corporate asset since it will lead to integrity that will help us in developing a responsible behavior while being aware of moral principles. Ethics will deepen the trust the employees and others have in GovLog.
  4. GovLog's Standards of Conduct guide the decisions and actions of GovLog and its employees. All Directors, officers, employees and independent contractors must accept the individual responsibility and duty to conduct GovLog's business in an ethical manner in full compliance with applicable laws. Because GovLog conducts business around the world, our Standards of Conduct meet the highest and most complete set of ethical and legal standards and customs for all of the countries in which GovLog does business.
  5. Senior management will ensure that GovLog, its Directors, officers, employees, and independent contractors will comply with the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, applicable domestic and foreign laws, and GovLog's high standards of business ethics.